First, I want to thank you for clicking this page to help support Danny George!

I always wondered what it would be like to be a racecar driver, so I took a giant leap later on in life to pursue my dreams. Now, having been provided an opportunity to race in my favorite racing sport of all time, also known as drifting, I realized what it was like from both sides of the helmet, the driver and the fan. This is why my team’s number one goal during the 2012 Formula Drift season was to interact with the fans as much as possible; providing as much involvement, knowledge, and friendship to each and every one of them. My recognition of this open communication with the Formula Drift fans was immortalized when my fellow drivers and crew members voted and awarded me and my team the winner of “The Spirit of Drift.” This coveted award embodies the essence of the sport of drifting!

This year I want to take the fan interaction with the sport to a level never been done before in drifting history.  With the Formula Drift season fast approaching and the hardships of chasing the corporate sponsor dollar, I realize that I will not continue racing without the further support of my family, friends, and you the believers in me, Danny George. This is why I am asking you, my loyal supporters for your help and in return have multiple opportunities to completely merge the team and the car with you.  As you can see I have put together various levels of commitment that are not only affordable but will allow the team to achieve its goals set forth for the 2013 season. Our goal for this season is to attend and drive at each of the seven rounds of the Formula Drift Championship Series.

During the coming year, the experience we will bridge the sport with the spectators who share the same love for drifting. Therefore, I have come up with the idea of having a fan based racecar. Through the fans helping to support our program I want to give back! My way of giving back is to put your face on the car and to show the world we are Danny George no matter what face we wear. Yes, your face will be printed along with the other supporters as the main design of the car wrap this year for the millions to see in all parts of the world because this is my Formula Family!

Why is Meeting our Deadline Important?
Time is running out! It is crucial to make this happen NOW. March 15th is our deadline!  This deadline allows us to know whether or not we will have the funds to race this season. Setting this deadline also provides us time to have the car wrap produced and delivered, guaranteeing that each of our supporters will have their spot properly placed on the Danny George Formula Family racecar for the world to see when we debut the car at the Round One Formula Drift event in Long Beach, CA on (date).
Luckily, we are one of the leanest driver programs in the series. After running our rookie season last year, we realize where cuts to the budget will be made in order to maximize and stretch every dollar to run an efficient program. To run the bare minimum and make every Formula Drift event, our bottom dollar figure is $25,000 in sales. The rest of the funds will be supplied through WreckHouse LLC and Danny George Motorsports to complete the remainder of the budget needs.

How This Works
If your package includes the photo option, an email address will be provided with in the thank you email indicating where your photo will be submitted. Remember the photos are of you or your face only and must be family friendly, no other photos will be printed or placed on the vehicle!

$1 Donation and Virtual High-Five

$10 Earns you a Sticker Pack, Hero Card

$20 Earns Your Name on the Trailer, Sticker Pack, Hero card

Display Name
$35 Earns a Picture of You/Face (1” x 1.25") onto the Race car, Choice of T-shirt, Sticker Pack, Signed Hero card

Shirt Choice
$75 Earns a Picture of You/Face sized (2” x 2.5”) onto the Race car, Choice of T-shirt, Sticker Pack, Signed Hero Card, Danny’s Bearded Bandana

Shirt Choice
$300 VIP Track Package
Earns a $75 package for 2 people plus 2 Formula Drift event tickets of your track choice, VIP pit treatment at the event (Saturday BBQ/drinks after event)

Shirt Choice
$1000 Be a team member for an event!
Stay and play with us all weekend. Pay nothing. $75 package plus stay with us in the hotel and do everything we do. Ultimate event experience! Get those hands dirty!
(Limit one per event)

Shirt Choice
$2500 Ultimate Danny George Experience
Includes a $75 package (All expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for a weekend. Airfare Fri-Sun, 2 nights Hotel, King Crab, Full track day experience, ride a longs/ BBQ ultimate food!! No shortage of hospitality here!)
(Limit 10 people)

Shirt Choice

Contact Danny George for a custom Package if there is something specific you would like (Danny George a team rental for company parties/ride a longs/demos etcetera)

Stipulations/Fine Print

Shipping is included with all orders going to addresses in the United States. All orders including merchandise being shipped outside of the United States will incur an additional shipping charge. Packages including travel, such as airfare, are for United States residents only.

Where Do The Contributions Go?
All merchandise profits will go towards the racing program for the 2013 season. The packages that include merchandise will be pre-ordered. After the deadline set forth has been met, the product will be produced and shipped. This way you’ll have your order before Long Beach.  If goal is not met a refund will be placed to everyone.

Thank you again for all of your help and gracious contributions and I can’t wait to see your face on the car!